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Anonymous asked: Pleeease tell me you have an instagram?

Yes I do :) My IG is lovelymali 

Jan 2, 2014




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Big Chop! 

Oct 19, 2013

This is an abstract piece for Darkside. Directed and produced by Fernando Vallejo 

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Second GUESS video! - Check out

Thank you all for the support and love :) 

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 GUESS Access Blogger, artist and dreamer. From downtown streets to upscale galleries, Malliha delicately dominates the City in style. See how she finds inspiration around every corner and captures time while radiating in rose gold. 

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Artistic shoot- Mask of Perfection 

The exhibition has global exposure and has been featured on Leica. 

Photographer: Marc E. Babej 

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Lifestyle Stock photography shot by: Jason Homa


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Lifestyle Shots by: Serge Sanin and Taylor Brandt (Hat Shoot) 

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goldenluxe asked: If you're into art please check out my blog and feel free to give me any type of feedback. :) Thank You

I enjoyed looking at your art! Your art is unique to you and I love the fact that you explore different mediums. Continue to create because you are a wonderful artist :) 

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Portrait Study

Freedom of Expression

Photographer: Cordell Murray -

Models: Malliha of - Instagram: LovelyMali

& Nikki H of Instagram: Prettygirlsaremental

Dec 20, 2012 / 96 notes

Photographer- Kia Chenelle

Brand: Chelsea Crew

Models: Malliha and Rachel O

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NYC Shoot (Spring) Hearts and Pieces… Act1 NYC… Sophie Blake - Emerging Designer Shoot

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Shot in NYC (Tribeca) 

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Sophie Blake Jewelry shoot - shot in SOHO NYC

I loved the team….such a wonderful group of creatives ^_^